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Welcome to Orders Now

Orders Now is a cloud based management system that connects warehouses with current clients, and simplifies the process of bringing on new ones.

Onboarding can be the biggest obstacle for both warehouses and retailers. Orders Now eliminates this hurdle by acting as a simple plug-in for both parties. Orders Now is primarily an accelerator for the both the warehouse and the client to reduce the time it takes to go to the market, and reduces the need for internal IT resources. Needing only a one-time connection for the warehouse, and at no cost to the retailer, this is the quickest and most efficient warehouse management system to be released. Orders Now is a turnkey solution for warehouses of any size.

Orders Now can receive orders in any format, from any sales channel, and in real time. By eliminating the need for technical negotiations and support to receive orders, Orders Now will pick, pack, and ship orders fast, saving both time and money.